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The Colorado Department of Health recommends that every property be tested for radon, a radioactive gas caused by the decomposition of uranium and other materials naturally occurring in rocks and soil. Just Property Inspections & Services, LLC uses nationally recognized laboratories for sample analysis to determine your property’s radon level. This testing process is simple and easily arranged with the help of your realtor. The sampling material will be placed in your home and retrieved in 48-72 hours and then processed by a nationally certified laboratory. Results will be sent to the homeowner upon completion.


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What’s so bad about radon? Read these 5 health risks.


We provide Radon Testing for Loveland, CO and The Front Range areas because we care.  At Just Property Inspection, LLC we are more than just a regular home inspection service.  We put your family first, with a no-nonsence and honest inspection we can help keep you and your family safe.


Radon is a naturally occurring element, even still large levels can cause serious damage to your health. According to the Colorado Department of health exposure to radon can cause:


    Lung cancer


    Pulmonary fibrosis

    Chronic intestinal pneumonia

    Respiratory legions


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