Pre-Purchase Home Inspections in Loveland, CO
and Surrounding Areas

Know what you’re buying with a complete non-biased home inspection from our certified inspection team

Buying a house is a huge milestone for you and your family. Make sure you made the right decision by hiring a home inspector to check that everything works as it should. Just Property Inspections, LLC sends high-quality inspectors to evaluate homes in the Loveland, CO and The Front Range areas before the closing.

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5 things to have inspected before you buy a house

5 things to have inspected before you buy a house

Buying a house can already be a overwhelming while joyful experience. Your Just Property Inspections, LLC inspector will check your prospective home and help give you peace of mind.  We will do a quality pre-purchase inspection of the homes :

  1. Structure – We’ll inspect the house’s foundation, roof, gutters, attic and crawlspaces.
  2. Windows and doors – We’ll make sure everything is secure and free of damage or rot.
  3. HVAC systems – We’ll check that the air conditioner, furnace and water heater won’t give you any trouble.
  4. Electrical wiring – We’ll make sure your light switches work and your new home has plenty of outlets.
  5. Piping -We’ll evaluate your pipes, drains and plumbing appliances.

Trust your pre-purchase inspection to Just Property Inspections, LLC in Loveland, CO and all surrounding areas.