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Are you buying or selling a home in Loveland, CO or surrounding areas soon? Consider having it professionally inspected first. Your home is in great hands when you trust your inspection to Just Property Inspections & Services, LLC. We offer:


Pre-sale home inspections

Know exactly what you’re getting into when you buy a new home.

Pre-listing home inspections

Know how much to sell your home for and what repairs to complete first.

Light commercial inspections

Learn whether or not the office you want is worth the money.

Rental home inspections

Make sure your new apartment meets quality standards.

Warranty inspections

Make sure your new construction was built to standard.


    Learn more about the home you’re trying to buy or sell.

Call us at 970-775-2161 to schedule your home inspection in Loveland, CO and Front Range areas.


Our Process


When you call Just Property Inspections & Services, LLC to set up an home inspection, we’ll send over a contract to read. Once you sign off, we’ll do a complete and noninvasive inspection of your home.


We’ll check for several things inside and outside of your house, including:







Basement or crawl space





Safety Issues

Outside Water

We provide the best service.

ABOUT Just Property Inspections & Services

We can work with property owners and realtors to make sure the home inspection process runs smoothly. Call 970-775-2161 to schedule an inspection in Loveland, CO.


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